What’s the difference between a “Post” and a “Page”?

WordPress has two types of content. Although they look the same when people look at them, it’s important for you, the web weaver, to know which one to chose:


WordPress has its roots in the blogging world, and Posts are generally similar to a blog post or newspaper article. They are usually

  • an announcement (of an upcoming event or news story).
  • records of an event (e.g. minutes of your Section meeting).

Posts generally:

  • Can appear chronologically on your home page (newest first, unless you create a “sticky” post that stays at the top).
  • Do not appear in your website’s menus.


When you think of a web page, you are likely thinking of what WordPress calls a page. Examples of pages can include:

  • A list of officers.
  • “Contact us”
  • “About us”
  • Links to resources

Pages generally:

  • Contain information that doesn’t change, or changes infrequently/annually (you can update a Page).

But the editor for each type looks the same

Yes, when you are writing a Post or a Page, you see the same editor. This can be confusing at first, but just keep in mind that you should decide if your content is to be a Post or a Page before you start writing 🙂