Logging in and regsitering


Most of the WordPress sites I manage aren’t set up to allow people to register on their own. If you are set up as an Administrator, you can click on the “User” menu and “Add new” member. If you are not an Administrator, email me the name of the new User along with the username they prefer; I’ll add the new User and they will receive an email with their login information.

Logging in

WordPress log-in is usually on the bottom of the right column. Click the “Log in” link to get to the Log in page. If you forget your password, you can have another sent to your email address (the one you used when we set up your account). WordPress cannot send you your current password, it will send you a randomly generated password.

Changing your password

If you ever want to change your password, hover over your name in the upper right corner of any page and select “Edit my profile” from the menu that drops down.

On your Profile page, you can enter a new password at the bottom (you will need to enter it twice since it is cloaked with dots instead of the actual characters–for your privacy).

Click Save at the bottom.